Ivan Schou Vibing was born in 1955 in Aalborg, Denmark.

He writes primarily in English, but also in Danish and German.

He has a Danish MA in German, Danish and history from Aarhus University, Denmark, took the Supreme Diploma of German Language from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität zu München and carried out PhD Research in modern German history.

Lecturer for 24 years.

Foreign studies in the USA, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Italy and Russia.

Married and has three children on 9, 12 and 36 years. Travels a lot; previously in the USA, Russia and Central and Southern Europe, today primarily in South-East Asia.

Ivan Schou Vibing’s primary interest is language, literature, history and geography, but in general, he is interested in a vast variety of cultural phenomena, especially in those that are different from what he has got used to already.

He considers himself a Danish European in a global world.

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