In modern Denmark, authorities deny refugee children above the age of three potatoes and broccoli

In modern Denmark, authorities deny refugee children above the age of three potatoes and broccoli.

A five-year-old boy was denied potatoes and broccoli because such food is only served to children under the age of three in the Sjælsmark Centre for Departure where there live with their parents until they can be deported. The parents are waiting for deportation under the law of temporary suspension of deportation because they might be executed if they returned to their native countries.

Children are used as instruments by the government and the nationalist. The Danish People’s Party, which does not represent the majority of the Danish people as the name seems to suggest, is ready to remove the children from their parents by force, if the children are feeling bad. That would probably be devastating for the children, but the nationalists have no mercy:

‘”Jeg synes, at de forældre skulle tage deres forældrepligt alvorligt og se at komme hjem,”‘ sagde Dansk Folkepartis Kenneth Kristensen Berth og åbnede samtidig for at tvangsfjerne børnene på Sjælsmark, hvis de mistrives.’ JP 6 January 2019.
(‘”I find that the parents should take their responsibility as parents seriously and hurry to get home,”‘ said Kenneth Kristensen Berth from the Danish People’s Party and opened at the same time up for the possibility of removing the children from Sjælsmark by force if they do not thrive.’)

The children’s only chance of a better life while waiting is a situation in which the nationalists risk to lose votes by the coming election.

The name of the centre is ‘Sjælsmark’. It means ‘Soul’s field’. However, at that place, there is neither soul nor heart. Inge Støjberg, the minister responsible for foreigners, says: ‘Jeg har tidligere sagt, at tålt ophold skal være så utåleligt som muligt.’ JP 4 November 2016. (‘Previously, I have said that temporary suspension of deportation must be as intolerable as possible’). Obviously, this statement includes children too.

The lack of morality among the hardliners is a disgrace for us who have been living here since the beginning of time and who love this country. The minister and the nationalists are irresponsibly creating an atmosphere of fear and insecurity around these innocent children. I feel ashamed.

I claim the country back to the human way of dealing with other people for which it once was widely respected.

There is no dignity in mistreating children, and the parties in power must change the inhuman and brutal policy. Now.