The Fear of Future

When the art of writing began to be common, the philosopher Socrates was against it: People would read and not remember.

When book printing was introduced, the spread of information caused fear.

When the train started driving, the speed was believed by experts to cause all kinds of sicknesses.

When the gramophone started to play music, it was causing sexual immorality.

When the car started driving, it killed people and horses on the roads.

When the radio began to talk, it was believed to keep children away from reading.

When television began to flicker, the beams caused cancer, and watching would distract children from listening radio and keep them away from reading.

When the mobile phone became part of daily life, it could cause cancer and stress.

When the email was sent, it could harm the intelligence.

When Facebook created communities across the globe, it could cause cancer, but not relationships.

When Google was introduced, it could overload the brain.

When Wikipedia collected knowledge for free, it would cause ignorance.

Without all these and many other inventions, we could have lived a natural, ecological life, get sick early, die young and leave our many children alone in a healthy way, and let them grow up in the cave without any immorality or dangerous knowledge.

Published by

Ivan Schou Vibing

Ivan Schou Vibing Writer Born: Aalborg, Denmark Working experience: 24 years lecturer at Commercial College MA in German, Danish and History PhD recherche in East-West Conflict

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